The Paleo Diet Food List Review (Paleo Recipe Book)

paleo diet food list coverGenerally, I hate diets.  They’re annoying, they require constant willpower, and they make it much more difficult to go out to eat with your friends.  I’ve done the low carb diet, the slow carb diet, the low glycemic diet, the “don’t eat anything that tastes good diet”, and the “don’t eat anything birds can’t eat diet”.  They’re always a pain, but they’re pretty much the only way to lose weight other than exercising.  Which, pfft, no.  So dieting is more or less going to be a fact of life if you want that life to be very long, but it’s pretty hard to find a good one.


Personally, I actually really like the paleo diet plan.  The paleo diet plan is short for the “Paleolithic diet plan,” and the reasoning is pretty simple: eat like paleolithic cave men ate and cut out the modern preservatives, chemical dies, and carbohydrate-heavy foods that hunter-gatherers wouldn’t have had access to, and which our feast-or-famine systems aren’t really evolved to handle.  I like it because the paleo diet food list includes things like meats, nuts, and fruits that are some of my favorite foods anyway.  Even so, sticking to a paleo diet meal plan is a little tricky, as the modern world is filled with, no surprise, modern foods.


Fortunately, there are a couple paleo recipe books available on the internet.  For this paleo recipe book review I’ve downloaded the books from, a brand new paleo cookbook by Sebastien Noel, promising easy paleo recipes and combinations of herbs and spices to make just about anything on the diet taste good.  But is it actually that useful?  Since I managed to get mine with a 60 day money back guarantee, I figured I could find out for you before you spend any of your own money.  Welcome to my paleo recipe book review.

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What Do We Get With The Paleo Recipe Book?

Paying for access to enables the customer (me) to download the paleo recipe book and bonuses, several different materials in .PDF format with a minimum of fuss.  These include:


  • The Paleo Recipe Book download itself, which is the largest file available for download and contains the bulk of the material.
  • Quick And Simple Meals, a smaller guidebook with meals that require less preparation.
  • 8 Weeks Meal Plan, a calendar setup with meals every day of the week so that you get a variety of foods and won’t get bored of just the same stuff over and over.
  • Herbs and Spices, a guide to, well, herbs and spices.
  • Desserts, for the most important part of a meal.


The Tasty


The recipe book pdf itself is a high-quality cookbook, easily comparable to the sorts of cookbooks you would find in paper format in bookstores or wherever it is that people usually buy cookbooks (all of mine were gifts from my mom.)  What stands out most in it are its healthy chicken breast recipes, which I’ve already started incorporating into my meals, as I love chicken and frankly don’t understand people who don’t.  The paleo recipe book chapters are divided nicely by food types, such as red meats, seafood, salads, omelets, stews, etc. so you can plan a meal in broad strokes and then go to a part of the book to get more specific.  This format is really handy for me personally, as I generally know what type of food I want well in advance of meal times, and this collects ideas for specific meals in a conveniently reachable place.  Also, the convenience of having an entire cookbook comprised entirely of food from the diet food list makes it much easier not to cheat.


The bonus materials are pretty great too, though for mostly the same reasons (You can add them to your Google Circles Here).  It’s the 8 Weeks Meal Plan that’s really surprisingly useful, though, as I’m not naturally inclined towards creativity when coming up with my own meals.  But this is essentially a ready-made diet meal plan that selects for variety for me, so I don’t actually have to think about it at all.  I’m only three days into the 8 week plan it offers, but the variety is working really well for me and it seems be uncannily good at predicting what I’m going to be in the mood for before I know myself.  … It’s a little spooky, actually.


The Bitter


While the amount of material is good from a value standpoint, you’re getting a lot of recipes that you’re just probably never going to use too.  There are something like four hundred recipes in the Paleo Recipe Book download alone, and many more in the bonus materials.  Seeing as I only eat three times a day (or sometimes two if I’m busy) and generally like to have my favorite foods over and over again, I’d estimate that a good three quarters of this book will go entirely unused, and probably a similar fraction of the bonus materials.  This isn’t a bad thing if you like having options… which I suppose everybody does… but with this many meal options, you’re not going be using every last one that you get with this.


Also, I personally need a cookbook in front of me when I’m cooking, so I’ve printed out my copy.  At more than four hundred pages, that’s a lot of printer paper.  Although, in retrospect, I could have just printed out the pages I was going to use rather than the whole document, but still, expect to do some printing unless you have a laptop or a tablet or something that you’re comfortable leaving open in the kitchen.


How does it compare?


The paleo recipe book pdf holds up well against the dog-eared and well-loved cookbooks that I have in my kitchen, so I would say it’s a pretty good cookbook.  Being specifically for people on the paleo diet plan makes it more useful than most… at least, if you’re on the paleo diet plan yourself… and all of the food I’ve made with it so far has been tasty and satisfying, allowing for pilot error.  Considering the cost of some cookbooks easily exceeds the cost of the download pass, and considering how many other materials you get with it, I’d say it’s an exceptional value, all things considered.  If, of course, you’d actually use it.  That’s sort of a separate question; see below.


People I recommend to use this book


The Paleo Recipe Book is going to be most useful for anybody who’s decided to try the book’s diet plan and is only eating foods off of the diet food list.  It has some healthy and tasty recipes in there that I’m convinced most anyone would enjoy, but it’s definitely geared towards people who are on the diet.  But it could work in reverse order, too: if you’re not on the paleo diet plan because you don’t generally like diets (like me) but enjoy cooking, you could pick up this recipe book just to have another cookbook and try some meals out of it.  If you wind up using it more often than others, then hey!  You’re dieting, and don’t even feel like it!  Might be worth a try, you know?


So should you try it?


I’m a little biased because I’m on the paleo diet plan and a collection of easy to follow recipes is really convenient for me personally, but I haven’t resented being on the diet since I started trying these recipes, and I don’t think my taste buds could have changed that much.  I feel confident in recommending it to anybody who likes to cook, but most especially to anybody who likes to cook and is looking for a diet that won’t be terrible.  Bon appetite!

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